dkturner’s Threads
→Excerpt from "Dragon"
· This is part of a long-ish orchestral…
Audio Review09-05-2010 · 12:17 PM
→Show Me Everything
· I'll leave you to figure out what it…
Audio Review07-16-2009 · 06:08 PM
→Preview: Small Town Blues
· This is not complete. I've posted it to…
Audio Review09-07-2007 · 09:52 AM
→You in Blue
· This is a draft. It needs a classical…
Audio Review08-16-2007 · 04:07 PM
→Music in My Head
· Something different... What was I on at…
Audio Review07-26-2007 · 07:07 PM
→The Cross
· Ok, so it's an existential crisis in a…
Audio Review07-13-2007 · 09:27 AM
→Rock Monkey
· A poem a friend of mine wrote and asked…
Audio Review08-27-2005 · 05:15 PM
· Hi Is it just me that keeps getting…
Feedback08-21-2005 · 01:57 AM
→Deadbeat Walk
· Done all by myself. Apologies for the…
Audio Review07-28-2005 · 04:20 PM

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